Spencer Weinerman

When a customer doesn’t pay their invoice, you don’t receive what rightfully belongs to you.

Sorry for stating the obvious, but unruly customers bother me. Trust and integrity are values that I hold strongly, but unfortunately some customers do not.

My company, Weber & Associates, collects over 90% of the accounts that pay without ever having to go as far as litigation.

That being said, we will pay the costs to litigate ANY B2B account that we believe is recoverable, and we have virtually zero complaints from our customers because we treat their accounts with respect.

“We second placed an account with Weber & Associates that my former collection agency had been trying to collect on for over a year.Within 2 weeks of placement, you guys collected FULL payment. Can you say AMAZING? You guys are GREAT! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! YOUR EFFORTS SURE PAID OFF!” —Cindy L.,

Send over any accounts you need help collecting and we will get started on them today, not tomorrow, TODAY.


Spencer Weinerman
President, Weber & Associates
(818) 740-5494

“Spencer and his team are diligent in their work with our team. They are very responsive to every request without hesitation. I can affirm that his team has integrity and pride in the quality of their work and would highly recommend their services.”
—Gracie L., Director of Finance, Fortune 500 healthcare provider

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